About Poker

Poker Online is an information portal and guide to the world of online poker for new and experienced players. We work independently from the room and provide our readers with objective information about the game and the venues that organize it.

History and Objectives

Created by a group of real poker enthusiasts, the project has been running for over 10 years and has long-standing relationships with all of the major operators in the market. And legal regulation of online gambling helps the development and expansion of the audience. Filling the site with news and useful content about promotions, rules and strategy, we aim to share it with more visitors.

Now, the project team includes more than 20 people. Most of them play poker all the time, so they are well versed in the current agenda. This helps to prepare content that is interesting for the audience and speak the same language. To get in touch with the management of the project you can use comments on the site, pages in social networks or e-mail.

Our work

Mainly focused on beginners – people who are just starting their way in poker. We want to introduce online poker to as many people as possible and show different sides of it. It is a sport, a game of chance, and an intellectual game at the same time. Each player can find his own reason for being fond of this game and enjoy it.

Our aim is to talk about poker honestly, objectively, without concealing the disadvantages or exaggerating the advantages. For those who want to play alone or with friends, we cover the rules and the basics of strategy. For those looking for a good site with traffic in a particular poker format, we write reviews and rank online rooms. If players want to try earning, we remind them to take it seriously: study strategy, read books, analyze and discuss hands, and use professional software.

Our principle is to present the information on the website in an easy to understand but professional language. So that even a complete beginner was easy to understand.

Our site includes poker rules, theoretical articles about strategy, videos with tournament analysis and replays, interviews with professionals, visual tables with tips on the game.

We also pay attention to technical points. Manuals and guides for setting up clients and supporting programs are written to help players. Signing up and deleting an account, depositing and withdrawing money, downloading the mobile app, playing in the browser – we are here to help in any way.

But poker isn’t just about virtual tables with avatars and buttons. There’s a lot going on around it in live play as well, such as at tournament series. We report on it in the news every day.